Logan’s Story

Posted on 2016-04-13

Logan’s eye “Glow” was first noticed after he failed a school eye test. We hadn’t even noticed it or heard of it before we began our research and obviously were terrified as soon as we read about the possibilities of what it could mean. He was seen by a pediatric optician in hospital a few weeks later and went through a series of eye exams, had his pupils dilated and it was confirmed that Logan’s brain had basically switched the eye off. He has sadly been using one eye for over two years without knowing any different. On most children, the eye would have turned in but Logan managed to control the muscles very well and keep his eye in control. The slight turn in is what is causing the glow reflection. He has struggled through school and been clumsy at sports and we were always worried about him, but now we know why! He now wears glasses full-time and is already noticing a huge difference! Thank you, especially to Megan at Know The Glow, for reassuring and answering all of our questions; we are so happy our gorgeous boy is on the road to recovery!

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