Josie’s Glow Story

Posted on 2020-01-31

Superhero Josie says she loves her new eye—and we love the story of bravery that her new eye symbolizes! An annual wellness visit showed that four-year-old Josie had vision loss in one eye, and she was quickly diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. 

We are so proud of her strength through chemotherapy, her bravery during the  operation to remove her right eye and her resilience as she was fitted with a perfectly matching prosthetic eye! She is a true superhero!!!

Josie’s mom wants everyone to remember the importance of an annual wellness check—but she also wants parents to know that even if “the Glow” doesn’t show up in the child’s photos, it’s still important to get a proper eye exam. In Josie’s case, only one photo exhibited “the Glow” but her doctor explained that the angle of the camera hid “the Glow” from sight! 

This is such an important reminder! Thank you to Josie’s family for sharing your story. You are helping to preserve the vision and health of children everywhere!!!

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