Francois’ Story

Posted on 2016-04-13

We discovered Francois had Coats’ Disease when his sister accidentally caused a corneal abrasion to his “good” eye, which resulted in him being unable to see. We didn’t yet know that he could not see, but we thought that he may need glasses. Instead we were referred to a retinal specialist.

During the appointment with the specialist, we were told that something was very wrong with our son’s retina. The specialist diagnosed Francois with Coats’ Disease. At the time, there was very little information available to help us understand what this diagnosis meant and what our options were.

Then, one day I saw Megan’s video, “Know The Glow,” and it changed everything for us. We took a road trip from Seattle to L.A. all with the hope that we could find some much needed information about our son’s diagnosis, and, most importantly, find someone who could help our son.

Now, a year, two laser surgeries and a shot of Avastin later; we are thankfully at a stage where Francois’ eye is stable and has no new leaks!

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