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White Eye Detector App Released for Android Devices

Posted on 2015-09-15

Android® users are now able to do what iPhone® users have been able to do since May 2014—scan smartphone photos for a white or yellow eye glow commonly indicative of 16 childhood eye diseases. The CRADLE app also known as the White Eye Detector is now available on Apple® and Android® devices, makes it possible to scan… Read more »

Angela-Buffenn | Know The Glow

Increasing Glow Detection through Childhood Vision Screening

Posted on 2015-04-24

Dr. Buffenn leads search for efficient childhood vision screening practices 1 in 4 children have an undiscovered vision problem; however, The Ohio State University College of Optometry estimates that only 14 percent of preschool children receive a comprehensive vision exam. This is especially concerning because 1 in 80 children could exhibit “The Glow” and be… Read more »

Noah Shaw | Know The Glow

Father Develops Software App to Test for Eye Cancer

Posted on 2015-03-01

Chemist Bryan Shaw normally studies protein misfolding at Baylor University. His son Noah’s tragic experience inspired him to help invent the CRADLE White Eye Detector software application that uses digital photography to screen children for deadly eye cancer. CRADLE White Eye Detector In an article by NPR released May 2014, Shaw’s story is detailed. He became involved with… Read more »

Know The Glow

The New

Posted on 2015-02-26

Celebrate with us The launch of the new Know The Glow® website provides a foundation to increase worldwide awareness of both glow-related diseases and the use of flash photography as a means of preventing childhood blindness. There is no group more motivated than parents in protecting their children. By engaging parents in spreading the word about the… Read more »

Know The Glow

Reflective Ink Becomes “Glowing” Education Tool

Our friends at the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) in the U.K. created this touching poster campaign and video demonstrating “Glow” detection with your smartphone. “The Glow” (also known as cat’s-eye glow, white-eye glow, golden glow or white pupils) can be an indicator of 16 childhood eye diseases, and early detection can prevent blindness. CHECT focuses specifically… Read more »

    Research Leaders

    Dr. Lee | Know The Glow

    Dr. Tom Lee

    s director of the Retina Institute in The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and oversees the growth …read more»

    Know The Glow Dr. Buffenn

    Dr. Buffenn

    focuses on the surgical and medical management of strabismus. Dr. Buffenn’s current strabismus research …read more»