Volunteer & Fundraising Toolkit

Becoming a “Glow” Advocate

Do you want to help others Know The Glow®, and play a role in ending childhood blindness? You can help by sharing the message as a Know The Glow advocate.

How to Get Involved

We love that you’re interested in helping spread “Glow” awareness with your friends and family, spreading our message is easy! We ask that our Glow advocates share the following Branded Know The Glow Resources listed below. 

Know The Glow Resources

Watch for Volunteer & Fundraising Toolkit updates to learn about future volunteer project opportunities to help Know The Glow. 

A Note on Using the Official Know The Glow Logo:

While we encourage our advocates to be enthusiastic with their awareness efforts, we ask that you do not use the official Know The Glow logo on personal images and pages. If you would like to use the official logo please link, share, or print the Branded Materials provided above.

Special thanks to Retinoblastoma International for making the creation of the Spanish-language marketing materials listed above possible.