Megan | Know The Glow

Megan Webber

Megan Webber launched Know The Glow after her son, Benjamin, was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease in 2009… read more »


Lannette | Know The Glow

Lannette Turricchi

Lannette Turicchi sits on the board of advisors for Know The Glow. As a mother of three and a close friend of Megan’s…read more»


Sandra | Know The Glow

Sandra Roderick

Sandra Roderick is the Co-Founder of Know the Glow and a close friend of Megan’s. Sandra considers herself a savvy parent…read more »

Board Members


Ali Reily l Board Member BW

Ali Reilly

relocated to Los Angeles with her husband and two teenage children in 2012 after 14 years living abroad in London, England…read more»


Janette Flintoft | Know The Glow

Janette Flintoff

is the Grant Director for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which administers $3-$5 million annually in grant awards. In this role Ms. Flintoft focuses on grant…read more»


Kara | Know The Glow

Kara Ciocca

has an intimate relationship with the Know The Glow campaign.  As Megan Webber’s sister and Aunt to Benjamin Webber…read more»

Strategic Planning Committee


Philana Chen Strategic Planning Committee Member

Philana Chen

was introduced to Know The Glow by Lannette Turicchi. She has been working…read more»


Cindy Mays Board Member

Cindy Mays

 is the director of corporate development for Know the Glow.  Her background is in infection disease and microbiology, and has spent the past 30 years working in researchread more»


Mr. Scott Strategic Planning Committee Member

Robert Scott

is a graduate of Williams College and Georgetown University Law…read more»