Megan & Ben’s Story

Uploading family photos is something we all do – posting and sharing across our social platforms or saving to our phones for easy access. This is especially true for parents of young children, capturing milestone moments of those first years of life.

Normally, we don’t give this simple act a second thought — but for me, taking and sharing digital photos of my then five-year-old son, Benjamin, changed the entire course of our family’s life. Simply put, those pictures literally saved Ben’s life – and his sight.

Our story is a cautionary and valuable tale for all parents of young children to learn from, and act differently when it comes to their child’s eye health. In sharing our story, my hope is for every parent to look at their family photos through a new lens, know how to look for The Glow, and start early with periodic eye checks with an eye specialist.  Read the full story here.

Our Vision

We aim to globally eliminate preventable early childhood blindness. Our Vision: prevent children from losing theirs.

Our Mission

We raise public awareness for glow-related eye diseases and drive action to prevent childhood blindness. 

Our Purpose

We help parents see their child’s vision in a new light.

Because no child should go blind from a preventable eye disease.

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Our Vision

Know The Glow is dedicated to the awareness of glow-related childhood eye diseases. Our mission is to globally eliminate preventable childhood blindness by educating the general public and medical community on how to identify “The Glow” through simple flash photography. We hope to support and promote cure-related research in the pediatric ophthalmology community to ultimately find treatments and cures to the diseases related to all childhood blindness.