Leopoldo’s Story

Posted on 2016-07-26

Leopoldo was a very happy, healthy and active little boy. However, his parents noticed that he was touching his one eye quite often. They found his attention to his one eye concerning, and worried it could be a sign of something more.

One day after work, Leo’s mother, Kristal, decided to play a game with him. She told him to close one eye and tell her the color and shapes of different items. He closed the eye that he had been touching and was able to name all his colors and shapes. He found the game fun. However, when they closed the other eye, he seemed very nervous and fearful. 

Kristal knew something was wrong and started to investigate what could be wrong.  She discovered a lot of information related to “The Glow” and decided to check his photos.  Kristal discovered a few photos that could be showing a glow. Very concerned, she immediately brought Leo in to be examined. 

This is when they discovered Leopoldo has Coats’ Disease. Leo is in treatment now for his Coats and is doing very well. He is again a thriving, healthy, happy and active little boy. Kristal is very glad that she listened to her mother’s intuition and paid attention to Leo’s body language.