New business owners help share the Know The Glow message.

Posted on 2017-12-11

Colected is a clothing brand that combined a dream of setting up a non-profit organization with a passion for fashion. Business owners, Angie Stout and Sarah Park, tell all in a recent interview about their vision to create a clothing business that caters to people who are like them: “fashion conscious busy bodies who do not have time to shop.” They turned this vision into a reality and now, they embark on their journey, taking Know The Glow along with them.


The idea sparked from a recurring problem most people run into while shopping, especially online. “As consumers ourselves, we often find that a lot of the trendy clothing options out there look beautiful on the rack, but fall short on our bodies,” Stout said. The solution? Colected. “We wanted to create an easy access website as our platform to show how to combine classic and trendy pieces into complete outfits—with a little guidance—that can appeal to different types of people.” Park continued, “We focus on finding high quality materials that have a flattering fit. Our goal is to make sure our customers are physically and mentally comfortable in our clothes.”Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.25.27 PM


Customer satisfaction is a priority, but Colected additionally strives to bring awareness to non-profit organizations and their causes. Colected has integrated a “giving back” program into their brand, donating 3% of each and every sale to a non-profit organization. They have chosen two charitable organizations to give back to (one being Know The Glow) and at checkout, customers get to select which group they would like to help. Park explained how they believe “creating a line and sharing it with others is a very personal experience,” and want their relationships to “extend beyond just business.”


As mothers themselves, the owners of Colected understand how it is an instinct to ensure the wellbeing of your children. “We wanted to spread awareness of KTG to encourage parents to be able to identify ‘the glow’ in their children, take preventative measures, and give their children annual exams,” Stout said. “As a result, we wanted to be a part of a pediatric organization that promotes awareness and early detection for something many people do not know about. Early prevention and intervention is key for medical issues in children!”Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 5.25.59 PM


Colected clothing is now available to be purchased at for women who are looking for “everyday” and “trendy” looks but don’t want to sacrifice their personal style or comfort. While they do offer complete outfits, Colected also ensures that each piece is “flexible” and can be “seamlessly integrated” into their customers’ closets. Be sure to look out for their upcoming launch for children, pet and men’s apparel and don’t forget to choose Know The Glow when you checkout!