Megan | Know The Glow

Megan Webber

Megan Webber launched Know The Glow after her son, Benjamin, was diagnosed with Coats’ Disease in 2009… read more »


Lannette | Know The Glow

Lannette Turricchi

Lannette Turicchi sits on the board of advisors for Know The Glow. As a mother of three and a close friend of Megan’s…read more»


Sandra | Know The Glow

Sandra Roderick

Sandra Roderick is the Co-Founder of Know the Glow and a close friend of Megan’s. Sandra considers herself a savvy parent…read more »

Board Members


Ali Reily l Board Member BW

Ali Reilly

relocated to Los Angeles with her husband and two teenage children in 2012 after 14 years living abroad in London, England…read more»


Janette Flintoft | Know The Glow

Janette Flintoff

is the Grant Director for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, which administers $3-$5 million annually in grant awards. In this role Ms. Flintoft focuses on grant…read more»


Kara | Know The Glow

Kara Ciocca

has an intimate relationship with the Know The Glow campaign.  As Megan Webber’s sister and Aunt to Benjamin Webber…read more»