I Spy with My Little Eye

Children see the world differently. They spy creepy-crawly earthworms after a summer rain. They spot colorful butterflies fluttering through the air. They eye the shapes of clouds turned story characters in their imaginations. Sadly, for one in 80 children, seeing the world differently means seeing nothing at all. These children fall victim to 16 sight-robbing eye diseases. Their stories are all too common. Together, we can change that.

We Envision an End to Childhood Blindness

We’re building a coalition of people who “Know The Glow.” This gold or white tint emanates from a child’s eye but is often visible only in photos snapped using a flash. Recognizing this telltale sign is a first step to getting sight-saving medical care, preserving a child’s sight and changing the course of a child’s life. That’s what drives us.

What We See Is What We Prevent

Five year-old Benjamin filled his days with friends, play and the start of school. If not for two photographs, a media story and a vigilant family member, these could have been the last things he saw.

But, Benjamin’s story ends differently.

His mom, Megan Webber, spotted “The Glow” in a family photograph. Tempted to brush it off, she mentioned it to her sister, who described seeing a similar glow in a family vacation photo. That’s when Megan and Sandra Roderick, a family friend, took action. Benjamin was diagnosed and treated for Coats’ Disease, preserving his remaining sight and promising a future filled with bright blue skies. Too often, children who exhibit gold or white-glowing pupils go untreated, until it is too late. Knowledge is the answer. Support is the answer. YOU are the answer.

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Together, we can help more children see every color of the rainbow.

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Our Vision

Know The Glow is dedicated to the awareness of glow-related childhood eye diseases. Our mission is to globally eliminate preventable childhood blindness by educating the general public and medical community on how to identify “The Glow” through simple flash photography. We hope to support and promote cure-related research in the pediatric ophthalmology community to ultimately find treatments and cures to the diseases related to all childhood blindness.